June 25-27, 2016

….Cheryl fixed up the stroller and picked us up the next day. She got us Gatorade, water, and some Navajo fried bread for dinner. We don’t know how to thank this lady! She is SO generous and she does it all for God! She dropped us back off at the railroad. We walked a few miles to a camp spot for the night. The next day we woke up early to get a cool morning start and walked about 10 miles to a bridge that was in a state park called the Petrified forest. One of our good friends from Moriarity, New Mexico wanted to spend some time with us on his way to Phoenix, but it ended up not working out because of time. So we got to relax under the shade of the bridge in the evening and used our stove to cook up some food. The following day we just kind of took it easy all day since it was Sunday. We hung out under the bridge pretty much all day enjoying the shade and playing guitar. The next day we walked a good 10 to 12 miles. A lot of the trains threw water bottle packs out their windows while passing us. Most of them exploded when hitting the road, but we didn’t mind and found it really entertaining and thoughtful of them. Construction workers were more than willing to give us permission to go through some areas of the road where they were working on. After a long day Cheryl wanted to come out to give us food and water. She drove through a lot of back dirt roads to get to where we were. She is quite amazing. She managed to find us even when we lost connection with our dead phones. After dinner with Cheryl we went to sleep…

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