June 22-23, 2016

….Woke up early and got some breakfast at the travel center. We filled up our gigantic water bladders and then went back to walk on the train track roads. We had a pretty fantastic walk until Trevor’s jogging stroller broke crossing the railroad tracks while trying to get to another road beside the tracks. His bottom axle broke! We were stuck! Thankfully Cheryl, one of the most compassionate people we know came out the following morning to pick us up because she wasn’t able to get to the railroads at night. We sat down under some shade until it cooled down and then set up camp. Apparently when Cheryl picked up in the morning we found out that her and her husband knew how to weld! So Cheryl took us back to Gallup, New Mexico where she bought us a night stay at a motel 6 and took the stroller back to her house to fix. Our time there was amazing. We walked to a gas station to get a guy that we met some fried chicken and met a couple on the side of an interstate exit with a grocery cart panhandling. They needed money to get to San Diego, California. We offered to pray for them but they declined. Later that evening we went back that way for dinner and got them something to eat at the gas station and some blankets and pillows because they were sleeping outside by a gas station. While we were talking to them a lady and her son, Frita and Luke, came up to us and asked us for blankets because they were going to sleep outside as well. We instead bought them a motel room for the night. The other couple, TJ and his girlfriend, decided to get a room as well for the night with the money they earned from panhandling. On the way there we prayed for Frita’s right eye because it had Cataracts and she couldn’t see out of it and it fully recovered! She could see and ¬†was overwhelmed and started crying. We also got to pray TJ who had ankle problems and his girlfriend who had pain in her leg. They were unsure if they were healed or not because their pain acts up every now and then. But we believe they were. They thanked us a lot for us going out of our way for them. TJ’s girlfriend told us that no one has done has ever blessed them the way we did. So it was cool to be used by God in that way. I helped them with taking their luggage up to their room and said our goodbyes while Trevor continued to talk to Luke and Frita was really touched how Jesus healed his mom Frita and what was going on. God was telling us things about Luke and his past that really spoke to him he started crying. After everything happened we gave them bibles and their room for the night. God is so amazing!!! Unfortunately we did not get any photos with them because we were so caught up in the moment…

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