June 21, 2016

…We woke up around 2 in the morning and left around 5:30 and waited till 6 because breakfast was open at the Inn for free. While we were waiting we met Lance, a man who is riding his bicycle from Ohio to California on Route 66 because he just wanted to try it. We all got breakfast together and heard a little bit of his story. He was also a believer of Jesus and we got to pray together before parting ways. We had to come up with a different route to Holbrook, Arizona because Route 66 stopped again and was about 50 miles away. So we took a road beside the railroad tracks and then made our way on a dried up river path and took a tunnel under interstate 40. After the tunnel we made our way across a fence back onto where the old Route 66 began again. We took the road until we were only about 3 miles away from a Navajo Travel Center, our stopping point. We came upon a fence that had a NO TRESPASSING sign and it was US property. The road continued on other side of the fence but we did not want to get in trouble. There were train tracks a short distance away with a side road running along it. So we took that road instead and it connected to a road that lead to the travel center. Our Navajo friend Cheryl heard we were back and she wanted to buy us dinner, so she came by and got us subs at subway. The gas station let us camp out on the property for the night. While we were setting up camp a man named Shawn whom we met a little bit earlier while walking on the dirt road to the gas station pulled up in his truck wondering if we needed a place to stay. We were pretty much done setting up camp so we declined but got to talking to him about Jesus. He said that he kinda accepted Jesus in his life but wasn’t sure. Turns out he never heard the message of gospel the way the bible tells it and he gave his life to the Lord, for real this time! We prayed that Jesus would come in his life and change everything. After we prayed for him he felt a little different and we got to answer some more questions he had about God. We went to bed shortly after he left. We are so honored in being a part of how God is moving across the world and it is never on our own terms or rules which I am happy about…

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