June 19-20, 2016

…We stayed another day at Trevor’s uncle Tim’s house to get a few extra things for the walk. He took us around the Phoenix area to get what we needed. Trevor got his phone replaced because of a swollen battery and we got some additional desert gear, a wide brim hat that would be able to fit Trevor’s head (not trying to be mean he actually needed a extra extra large hat because of his dreadlocks!) water spray bottles, extra spare bike tires, small chairs to keep ourselves off the hot desert ground, and a few other small things. It was a smoking 120 degrees in Phoenix so we took every opportunity to go indoors and out of the heat. That evening we got most of our stuff ready to go for tomorrow. Tim drove us the next day to the Days Inn in Chambers where we left off walking last and we ate a good lunch at the restaurant beside the inn with him before saying goodbye. We got there in the afternoon and it was over a 100 degrees. We made sure that we had everything in order. We filled our huge water bladders with plenty of water at the restaurant and we had to change one of Trevor’s tires since it was flat. It was so hot and already late in the afternoon when we got all our equipment ready that we decided to spend the night at the inn and make a solid new schedule, to go to bed super early so we could wake up before sunrise and head out in the cool of the day tomorrow….

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