June 17-18, 2016

….For most of the day we hung around the Hostel. We met all sorts of people throughout the day from all over the world. In the morning we got to take some nice showers from being at the airport for a couple days. After that we hung out with a couple cool people, Eliane who was from Switzerland, Tori from Australia, and Bastian from France. In the evening we went to go see one of the Hostel employee’s, Israel’s, jazz band at a Mexican bistro. An elderly lady named Natalie took us there. Turns out this lady went out on a date with the guy who created Superman! It was quite the story! We had a blast! Sorry I don’t have many photos of us hanging out. My IPod was dead so I couldn’t get that a lot photos. The following day we got to meet some other people who were from the Middle East, Korea, and a young lady from New Jersey who was traveling throughout the states. Trevor’s uncle Tim picked us up in the early afternoon on a tour bus. He was driving the bus for an 8 day national park tour and just got back to take us to his place to get our gear ready for walking….

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