June 16, 2016

…A lady woke us up this morning early and we got to meet a new friend, Allen, who was sleeping on a couch straight across from us in the airport terminal. Allen was at the airport returning a car he had rented to visit one of his best friends in southern Arizona. We got to pray for his shoulder and knee because he had issues with it popping out every so often when walking on rough terrain. Turns out he was staying at the airport because he had no way of going back home to Dallas, Texas until his flight on Saturday. ¬†We hung around the airport for a good amount of time until the evening. We still had about two days until we were able to get a ride back to where we left off walking in Chambers, Arizona which was about 3 hours away on the Northeast side of the state. On google maps we found a hostel, a cheaper version of a inn where you share a room with fellow travelers across the world and the country. The people there were very willing to give us a discount there for two nights. We invited Allen as well. So me, Trevor, and Allen took the light rail metro and then walked a couple blocks down to the hostel. We met people from Australia, Switzerland, China, Poland, and some from the states as well at the hostel. One Chinese man was unsure about his faith in Christianity and we got to reassure and clear up his doubts about it. We went to bed fairly early to gain back some sleep from our long travels and time at the airport…

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