June 15, 2016

…It was time to fly high! We flew back to Phoenix, Arizona yesterday where we will be picked up and dropped back where we left off in Chambers, Arizona. Trevor flew from Fort Myers Florida where he was spending time with his family and I, Jonathan flew from Philadelphia. During our flights we got to minister to some people. One of them never heard the gospel before and another lady got her back healed. We spent the night at the airport where we found some nice couches to sleep on. During our time here we met a guy named Logan who is also a follower of Jesus. We had the privilege of preaching the gospel with him to this one lady who was dealing with a lot of oppression in her life and we spoke truth to her. After ministering Logan bought Trevor and I dinner to bless us. He had to leave shortly after to catch his flight to Washington. He was an awesome man of Jesus. After he left we found the couches and took a nice snooze for the night….

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