July 8-9, 2016

…The following day we took some more dirt road until it became an smoother dirt path, from a dirt path it became a dirt road, and from a dirt road it became an actual road that we took into Winslow, Arizona. Once we got into to town we stopped at Sonic to get a big old drink to cool us down because they usually have giant drinks to choose from. From Sonic we went down the road to a Mexican restaurant to eat. We waited there until Cheryl picked us up. She wanted to buy us another motel so she took us down the road to one and bought us two nights there. We got some much needed rest the next morning and went to the front desk for some complimentary coffee. We got to talking to Nick who was the motel owner about the trip and Jesus. He had many beliefs about many different things and we got to share our testimonies with him. He was good a listener. We also got the privilege to pray with him before heading out to do laundry. We walked uptown to a McDonald’s for breakfast and got to pray and encourage some people there. One man we met was going back into the military and we got to honor and pray for him. At the Laundromat we got to share Jesus with some more people. There is a lot of Mormonism in the area so we got to shed some light on a lot of confusion people had about it. After getting back from doing our laundry we ate dinner and went to bed…

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