July 8-10, 2014: An Inn-tense Stay In Lebanon, TN

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….Debra this morning woke up early in the morning and was makin’ bacon, so we woke up early as well. She made us pancakes, eggs, and bacon. After breakfast she drove us back to our location and dropped us off. We had some good goodbye hugs and thanked her for her hospitality. Since it was a early morning today we got done walking pretty early but we didn’t get to walk too far, only about 5 miles into Lebanon because Trevor was not feeling too great. We managed to get to a inn and decided to take break so that Trevor could recover. The next day we also decided to take the day off. During that time we managed to get a lot done on the blog and take a walking trip down the road to Walmart to get some supplies. It was a nice restful time that we needed.

The next day we continued on and met a girl about our age, Ashley who wanted to buy us lunch, but just so happened that we just ate. We went to Taco Bell anyways because she wanted to talk to us about our journey. So we got to tell her our story and she got to tell us hers. Ashley had just come back from a mission trip to India and is planning on moving there once she gets her college degree so that she can do more while she takes residence there. She also invited her dad, Gary, to come and meet us at Taco Bell. After hearing our story, Gary wanted to bless us with a night at yet another inn, the Executive Inn down the road, so we decided to stay since it was getting late and Trevor was still feeling a tad bit sickly. Gary was the pastor of a church where they were all about helping the homeless and people in need, so he was more than willing to bless us. Ashley invited us to come to a Greek restaurant called “Gondola” because she works there and wanted to wait on us. So we made our way to the Executive Inn where Gary paid for a nights stay. We then made our way to the restaurant, which was only a few blocks down the road, where Ashley treated us to some tasty Greek cuisine. Trevor got some interesting sweet tea, where you could pour sugar water into the drink and make your own, however much you wanted, at least as much as your taste buds would agree to have. We thanked Ashley for the meal and for spending time with us and headed off to bed….

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