July 6-7, 2014: Old Bay and Zeus Hair

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…..Ric in the morning cooked us biscuits n’ gravy Maryland style, which consisted of a lot of Old Bay seasoning inside the gravy. If Maryland was a food, it would taste like the biscuits he made and it was delicious. Ric drove us back to Watertown since it was close to his work anyways. Today we attended Jesus Is The Answer church yet again for the Sunday service and invited Ric to join us. He was able to stay for the sermon a good while but had to leave for work, and we were able to pray for him and thank him for his awesome hospitality. Him and his wife were just such humble and joyful people who would go out of their way for anyone, it was such fun time hanging out with them. After the service we got to talk to a lot of people whom we saw that previous Friday including Rayne. We then left the church and made our way down the road to a Subway partially out of town. There we met a lot of people and got to minister and pray for a few. They were more than willing to let us camp out on the Subway property. A man who owned a Mexican restaurant in the same shop strip as subway, invited us to eat dinner at his place, so we did. After the Mexican Restaurant, we went back into our tents and fell into a Sunday night slumber.

The next morning we packed our things and went into Subway to get our fill on some breakfast subs. Today we walked many many fields of greenery towards the town of Lebanon. Along the way Trevor was feeling a bit weak in the knees, so we sat in some shade for a while on a baptist church pavilion, where someone from the church gave us cool water. After a little break we continued and almost made it into Lebanon when a kind lady pulled over on the side of the road and asked us if we needed help. We asked her if there was lodging further down the road and then told us that we could just sleep at her house. She lived in Smithville which was a while back down the road, but she offered to drop us back off in the morning since she takes the same route to work. Her name was Debra and we actually attended her church “The Edge Worship Center” in Smithville about a week ago, and we met her daughter Tiffany. Tiffany was quite surprised and was not expecting to see us pull in the driveway with her mom. Debra fed us pizza for dinner and gave us a room to sleep in. Debra and Tiffany were really sweet and it was a blessing to be able to spend the night with them. Later we got to meet Debra’s son who was about our age and some other close friends and family. Tiffany also got to straighten Jonathan’s golden locks which afterwards made his hair look like the flaming locks of Zeus. We then made our way to the bedroom for bedtime….

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