July 6-7, 2016

…Continuing from Holbrook was the next bigger town Winslow, Arizona about 31 miles away. We walked 11 miles past an electrical power plant outside of a small town called Joseph city. We did not go in town since it was out of the way but just set up camp beside the railroad. The next day we started walking a few miles until Trevor got a flat tire. While he was fixing it, a maintenance vehicle drove up and a guy told us we could not take the train roads because of safety reasons. There was a frontage road beside the interstate ¬†that we took for about five miles to a trading post called the Jack Rabbit Trading Post. A lady working there bought us drinks and we sat outside to look at the route some more. The frontage road eventually ended and we had to take a dirt path that came to an end at a fence. We decided to jump the fence and carry our strollers over it since there was no other way. On the other side there was no road so we walked through some rough shrubbery until we came to a somewhat road. Jonathan’s front tire snapped off so we fixed up with duct tape and with the Lords help. (It was pretty much all the Lord). We finally set up camp just before sunset to finish the day…

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