July 5, 2014: Divine Provisions

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Rayne, in the morning picked us up to take us back to Watertown from the La Quinta Inn. During our ride back, he asked us if there was anything that we needed for the trip, so we asked if he could take us to a Verizon store in town to see if they could do anything for Trevor’s demolished iPhone. We kind of needed it for the GPS to get across the country. The Verizon store couldn’t do anything to fix the iPhone so Trevor had to buy a whole new phone which is pretty pricey. Right when Trevor was about to pay for the phone someone else offered to pay for it. God provided a whole new iPhone! And it was not just a regular iPhone it was the latest version! That is not all, God also provided a place to stay for the night by a guy named Ric who was one of the workers at Verizon! He said he had to ask his wife first though. A lot of time passed after getting all this situated, so since Rayne had nothing going on during the day and it was kind of late to walk we decided to hang out with Rayne for the day which was a blast! We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch and after eating we went to go sit outside to rock on the rocking chairs to talk about God. After a while we were running low on energy so we continued our conversation at Dunkin’ Donuts. Rayne was a man full of wisdom and the love of Jesus. Everywhere we went he made sure that people felt loved by telling them that Jesus loves them and giving them a big smile. It was quite the inspiration to be around him, it made us want to proclaim the gospel even more. Rayne later dropped us off at the Verizon store where we got to say a prayer for each other ad unload our backpacks. Ric and his wife, the guy who gave us a place to stay for the night, gave us a ride to his house in his super awesome old van that him and his wife got as a wedding present. Both Ric and his wife were christians and are from Maryland. They felt the Lord was calling them to Tennessee so they moved to see what God’s plan was for them down South. That evening Ric’s family were having a bonfire and firework show at his father’s house, and we were invited to come. There they fed us and we got to enjoy our time with Ric’s family and set off some fireworks. It was very entertaining. After the fireworks settled down we went back to Ric’s house where we slept in the spare room for the night….

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