July 4-5, 2016

….Today we finally were set on leaving. Trevor was feeling really good and his food poisoning finally subsided. We packed up our strollers/chariots with 20 liters of water which was around 50 pounds. Trevor’s stroller was not taking those 50 pounds nicely. The back axle that Cheryl welded was starting to come apart and making the stroller very unstable. It looked like it was going to just fall apart and we did not want it to happen on the railroad roads where it would be hard for someone to come and get us. We tried calling some churches in town that would be able to take us in for the night so we could find time to figure out how to fix it. But all the churches were closed because it was 4th of July. So we ended up getting another night at the Inn and found a welding shop that was closed for the day but opened in the morning the next day around 8. So the following morning Trevor brought his cart to the shop and the owner Randy said that he might get to it in the afternoon around one because he was pretty busy. We checked out of the room just in case he got it done around that time so we that we could still have time to walk. Trevor’s uncle Tim and his son Brandon came by to drop off some things that we mailed to his house and got to talk with them for a while. He was taking his son Brandon out for fishing and camping. Randy called to let us know that he was getting it done later than we expected because of the work that needed to be put into it. A Calvary Chapel Church in town got our previous calls and wanted to bless us with another night at the Inn. Pastor Dean came to pay for the room and we got to talk with him for a little while. You could tell that he was such a humble servant of God and had such a heart for the Holbrook community. Randy got Trevor’s cart fixed around 4:30 pm and we walked back to welding shop to pick it up. Trevor packed his stroller back at the room while I fixed a flat tire. After dinner we went to bed. When you trust God it’s never what you expect it to be, but it turns out to be better than anything you could think or  come up with by yourself….

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