July 31 – August 1, 2014: A Duck Call Drawing

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…..Today we had a unique experience. Peyton, the young lady we met down the road in Dickson, invited us to the annual duck blind drawing in Camden, TN, not too far down the road. We told her we enjoyed the show Duck Dynasty so she invited us to the drawing since it was all about duck calls and duck hunting. From the Waverly police station we made our way to a cafe known as the Waverly Cafe. Some ladies from the town medical clinic bought us breakfast and invited us to sit at their table. We got talking to them and they had all sorts of questions for us to answer and got our pictures taken with them. Shortly after they went back to work, Peyton showed up and took us to a state park by the Tennessee River. Her dad had a cabin reserved for her family. When we got there we met Peyton’s father and younger brother. Later we went to a location where you could see a beautiful view of the Tennessee River and Peyton’s father took us out to a Mexican restaurant in Camden. We also got to visit Peyton’s aunt and her many dogs and family members. We were given the couches in the living room space of the cabin to sleep upon.

The following morning we woke up mighty early to get a spot at the Duck blind drawing in Camden. For breakfast we went to McDonald’s and ate our fill. The drawing was hosted at an old town park where Peyton’s dad grew up. We arrived and as we got closer to the crowd that was gathered under the pavilion, the sounds of a vast diversity of duck calls were being sounded. It was like a duck army was marching through the park. Many people were signing up to get a place among the blind drawing. After everyone was situated they started drawing the names of the people who signed up. Surprisingly a lot of people from Peyton’s family where picked from the drawing, which was exciting. Later we drove back to Peyton’s house in Dickson to spend the night at her mom’s house and Peyton took us to meet her sweet grandmother. Peyton’s mother bought us pizza for dinner and gave us blankets to sleep with on the living room couches for the night….

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