July 3-4, 2014: Fourth of July in Watertown, TN

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In the morning Connie drove us back to the location where she picked us up yesterday. There on the side of the road we read our bible’s all hobo like. We then made our way toward a town called Watertown. It was nice and cool for walking throughout most of day. On the road a man pulled over and offered us lunch once we got into Watertown at a place called Lulu’s Cafe. It took us a little bit more to get to the town, which was an interesting place. Apparently Justin Bieber, Carrie Underwood, and some other random artists have filmed music videos in this small town, who would of guessed? We made our way further downtown to the cafe. Lulu’s Cafe was very artistic, it had art paintings all along the walls, a piano, and a stage for local artists and bands. A lot of people come to visit this small cafe, one guy we talked to drove an hour just to get something to eat and talk to some local Watertownians, probably because the people in this town are super friendly. One of the employees at the cafe offered her yard for a nice evening campground, so she gave us her address and after eating we walked to her house. When we arrived her boyfriend greeted us and showed us where we could camp. We set up camp beside the house and got to meet a man who had gone on multiple backpack trips to Mexico and who is also a strong christian believer. He is living in his camper beside the house and is planning to move in with his son who lives in Nicaragua once he gets enough money from his job. After a long talk we went to bed.

The following morning was July the Fourth which can only mean it was the Fourth of July! We decided to take the day off in town and see the local firework show. For breakfast we went to a place downtown where they served some good old homestyle cooking in an actual house where the lady lives. The lady turned part of her house into a dinning area. So she cooked us up a good meal and we got to talk to some people that come in for their daily share of bacon, eggs, pancakes, etc. After talking to the lady, praying for her, and reading our bibles for quite some time we continued going through Watertown and stopped at the Depot Junction Cafe for lunch. The cafe had a cool train theme going on, there were vintage pictures of old railroad trains along the walls of the diner and a railroad track hanging from the ceiling where a toy train would make its laps around the tracks. On our way out of the restaurant, went to a local church further down the road that we felt the Lord was willing for us to go to, called Jesus is the Answer. They were having a cook out when we arrived and they were quick to accept us with open arms of love. The pastor offered to pay for us a night’s stay at a La Quinta Inn in Lebanon, only 15 minutes away, and gave us a ride there. Rayne, was the man who took us to the Inn and also gave us a ride later that evening to their revival church service. The service was amazing and God definitely put us there to be encouraged by the message being proclaimed. The worship was very gospelly and passionate, something we haven’t experienced yet on this trip, and we loved it. Afterwards the church invited us for supper on the lower part of the building where we met a lot of fellow believers who also encouraged us for the journey ahead.  During that time we got to see a little bit of the town’s firework show. When they started cleaning up, Rayne and his wife took us back to the Hotel where we spent some more time with the Lord in worship before we went to bed.

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