July 29-30, 2014: Waverly, TN

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….Brian dropped us off right outside of McEwen where we left off yesterday. We read our bibles on the side of the road of a drive way for an hour. When we were getting ready to leave a lady pulled up beside the road and told us to head down the gas station/restaurant about 3 miles down the road. When we got there the lady that owned the restaurant cooked us up a mean lunch. Eventually, we made it into town and to a Dairy Queen where someone else paid for our meal. Denise, one of the youth leaders of Friendship World Outreach was going to have us speak to the youth group, but it did not work out as planned. Since it did not work out Brian, found us a place that night with Pastor Tommy, who was the campus pastor of Waverly and McEwen Friendship World Outreach churches. Tommy picked us up and took us to his home in Dickson, TN. We met his wife, two daughters, and 6 dogs. One of the daughters Megan heard about us from Peyton, the girl we met in Dickson by the antique store, and she invited two of her friends over to meet us. So we told our story, our struggles, and relationship with God to Tommy’s family. After spending some time together we went to bed in one their spare bedrooms.

The next morning Pastor Tommy brought us to Sonic for breakfast and then brought us back to Dairy Queen, where we had our devotionals. Today we came into the town of Waverly which was about an 11 mile walk. A bunch of people were still bringing us goodies because of the local news, so we were well fed. We met a lot of people along the road. One of the ladies that stopped to talk to us was raised by her mother who was deaf. It was a blessing meeting them and just talking to her mother was such an honor, she did not let her disability affect the way she raised her children in the will of God. In town we came to a baptist church hoping that someone would be there, but there wasn’t. Thank God though, a cop who felt led to stop and ask us if we needed a place to stay, offered the police station for the night and a shower. We were more than grateful. He let us stay in the police conference hall where we laid out our sleeping bags and sleeping mats for the night. The police officer’s name was Jeremy and he actually attends the Friendship World Outreach church in Waverly. He introduced his wife and 2 boys later that evening and provided us shampoo, towels, and soap for the showers. God always provides!

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