July 28, 2014: Antiques, Diner, Coffee Shop, Cats

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……Milton in the morning drove back into Dickson and treated us to a some coffee at a cafe. We read our bibles in the cafe and got to meet an analyst named, Russell, whom we got into talking about music and the trip. Russell happened to be a guitar player himself. One our way out of the cafe and down the street, a young lady came running out thinking we were homeless and wanted to help. We explained to her our situation that we were sort of homeless and that we had a home back in Pennsylvania. Peyton was her name and she invited us into the antique shop that her mother owned. After talking a little while longer we started our next journey to McEwen Tennessee where a guy named Brian, who is one of the leaders of the Faith Based Community Center in Pegram that we had spent the night at a couple days earlier, was going to have us for the night. During the trek today a guy who makes walking sticks gave us a few to walk with and keep during our stop at a restaurant that just opened up called Rockin’ Rhonda’s Restaurant. The owner, Joey, treated us to some good southern hometown cooked burgers. We got to pray and play a song for Joey and the other employees and tell about the journey we have embarked on. News about us must have really gotten around town because a ton of people kept giving us groceries and groceries of food and gatorades, it was crazy! We went past Tennessee City which was only a couple of houses and forestry. Towards the evening Brian picked us up just outside of McEwen and took us back to his home to have a delicious home cooked meal prepared by his wife Sara. Brian and Sara have quite the passion for God and have a gift for music. They are the worship leaders for one of the campuses of Friendship World Outreach in the area. They had two very interesting cats that would actually come up and want you to pet them, which is unusual. They let us shower,  had a room for us to sleep, and a laundry machine which was much needed. It was a hug blessing and encouragement to spend he night with such faithful servants of the Lord.

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