July 27, 2014: The Dramatic Town of Dickson, TN

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……This fine morning Peggy cooked us some breakfast; scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast. It was an early start this morning and Peggy had an doctors appointment that morning at 9. So, we said our farewells and thanked them for blessing us with such a godly household for the night. We left around 8 this morning and made it to the town of Dickson, Tennessee. During our time there we made our way to Dairy Queen and read our bibles. From there we went to a church called Friendship World Outreach. It was actually the church that we saw yesterday Sunday morning, live online at Montgomery State Park. The church was part of a shopping strip and beside the church building was a restaurant called Tony B’s. A young lady about our age, Amanda, who we met in White Bluff outside of the McDonald’s the other day, called out or names. Both sides, Amanda’s and ours, were very surprised to see each other in Dickson. She actually is a waitress at Tony B’s and invited us in to eat. Before we went inside a Lady, from the bank next door paid for our meal. We enjoyed ourselves some nice burgers. Also a lady from the Tennessean newspaper interviewed us before we left. After lunch we went to the church and got to meet Jimmy, the campus pastor. Jimmy let us use the church’s wifi and work on the blog. Later, more towards the evening, there was a youth mime drama practice going on at the church. Mime drama are skits that are acted out using hands and emotions. The director, Milton invited us to speak to the youth who are part of the drama team. He also invited us to watch them practice the drama skits. We had a fun time watching and spending some time with the youth students. Milton after practice was over, found a place for us to stay at an inn in town. He drove us to the inn and offered a ride back into town tomorrow to start off from where we began this morning….

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