July 25-26, 2014: Coyce and Peggy

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….Today we took a another day at Montgomery State park and worked a lot on the blog, website and other nit knacks. That was basically it. We also walked around the lake at the park and enjoyed some scenery in the evening, talked to a few people here and there about what we were doing and the mission of the trip.

The following day we managed to find a church in the next town, Dickson, but weren’t able to make it since it was a long distance aways from us. Thankfully the church had the service live online, so we were able to watch it at the Inn in the morning. After the online service we left the Inn and made our way towards Dickson. Along the way some fellow christians pulled over and prayed over us and the journey. Walking down a couple more miles a elderly woman saw us walking by her yard and started hollering at us and was running down from her house to see if we needed anything, like water or toilet paper. Around that time we needed a place to stay, so we asked to camp out on her yard, and she instead let us sleep inside her house. Her name was Peggy and her spouse’s name was Coyce. They were more than happy to take us in for the night. Right when we got our back packs in the living room they invited to their church’ s evening service at the First Baptist Church, which was right down the road. We quickly got changed into less sweaty clothes and went to the service. We arrived when the service just started. After the service Coyce and Peggy introduced us to some members and to the youth. Back at Coyce and Pegg’s house, Coyce baked us a pizza for dinner and they told us many of their good old love stories back in their youthful days. Coyce also showed us his collection of vintage golf balls he has been gathering for many, many years of golfing. Peggy also introduced us to their son in law, whom was a police officer in Dickson, and daughter who live next door. Later that evening Peggy provided us with a place to rest in their spare bedroom and a bathtub for washing. We went to bed shortly afterwards….

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