July 24, 2014: Breaking News!

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…..Woke up this morning oust side the White Bluff community center ready to face the day.  Johnny, the man who opened up the community center and its bathrooms for us to use, came to check on us and we talked for a bit. For breakfast we ate at McDonald’s and afterwards kept walking. Terry, the news guy, texted us that we were going to be on the news in the afternoon around 4;35 pm and 6:35 pm. The news air was broadcasting soon so we decided to make our way to a nearby state park which had an inn on it, and that was the only chance we had to get to a TV. So, we entered Montgomery State Park and made our way to the hotel. The hotel was much further away than we expected, took us about an hour to get there. Unfortunately, the front desk ladies could not let us change the channel because they did not have cable on the main TV and they use it for state park advertisements. When we arrived at the inn we made our way to the main lobby where we met a family who was having a reunion at the restaurant, the Miller Family Reunion, and they invited us to have dinner with them. As Trevor was going to pay for the inn someone else unexpectedly paid for it instead! We made our way to our room and came back to join the Millers for dinner at the inn restaurant. The Millers had quite the big family, they had a whole room reserved for themselves. They where very kind to us by buying dinner for us and blessing us with prayer. The food was really good, it was a seafood night buffet. After dinner we made our way back to our room and managed to find the news story online and watch it. It was kind of eerie seeing us on TV for the very first time of our lives and knowing that probably thousands of people are tuned in on the news report. It was at least too much for me to handle. After the news video we worked on A Church of Us website while slowly winding down for the night. God is good all the time! We were not expecting such a nice stay!

View the news report below!


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