July 22-23, 2014: New News!

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…..They let us out of the community center around 11 and we made our way to the Cisco gas station beside it. There we ate breakfast and filled up our Camel Baks. While we were walking out of the gas station God gave us an opportunity to speak to a man named Terry, who is a news reporter for Nashville news on channel 4. He told us he was interested in our story and that he would call us if he got a go ahead to film us. A little further down the road we met a young women who took pictures of us  an article for National Geographic, if the pictures are accepted, she would let us know. God is really opening up the doors to make our testimony more well known! We made our way a couple more miles down the road to a canoe store called Tip-a-Canoe where we met an employee named James. James offered his place for us to crash and drove us there. He fed us dinner and was a really good hearted man who cared a lot about people. He understood us because he has had his shares of hitchhiking and walking around the country, relying on God’s provisions through people. We watched the movie “Craiglist Joe,” a documentary about a young man who traveled from coast to coast relying on Craiglist to provide his needs of food, places to stay, and meeting new people across the country. James thought it to be similar to what we were doing. It was a pretty good movie. After the film we went to bed because James had to go to work early.

We got a really early start this morning. We left James’ s house and got back to our location around 4 am. We read our bibles on the side of the road for an hour and left by 5. We walked a couple miles to a gas station for a breakfast break and continued on until we got to a town called White Bluff. Along the way Terry, the news guy, called Trevor and told us that he was going to meet us and film a clip for the news! We stopped in town and waited 2o minutes for him and his camera buddy, Don to show up. They interviewed us and took a couple of shots of us walking along the road. It was quite the experience and we hope that God got all the glory. First time we have ever been on the news in our lives! When Terry and Don left we made our way inside McDonald’s to catch up on the website. There we met and talked to some Godly women. The first one was a young lady named Kristen who actually pulled over one time and asked if we needed any help. We got to talk to her for her for a good while about each others testimonies. The next lady’s name was Julie, super sweet Godly lady, who helped us get a place to stay for the night. She knew one of the town cops and got in contact with him to let us camp out outside of the community center. His name was Johnny and he unlocked the bathrooms at the community center for us to use. Outside of McDonald’s we ran into young adults that were about our age whom heard about us. We got to talk with them a little while about Jesus and why we were walking. After chatting we made our way to the community center where there was picnic tables and land for us to set up our tents to sleep….

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