July 20-21, 2014: Jerky and Speaking

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……Today we managed to get up early and head out. The heat of the day was still super intense, so we made it not as far as we have hoped only about 8-9 miles to a shack at an intersection called The Jerky Shack owned by a man named Kenny. Kenny makes his own beef jerky and we got to buy some from him. It was some good jerky. Kenny let us camp behind the property, use the portal potty and gave us some homemade grilled ribs before he left. Trevor and I took a spit bath using wash clothes, soup, and small tin tubs that Kenny also gave us. That’s how you take baths down south! Kenny also had a fire pit that we could use. So we had a little campfire and some good man to man talks before we went to bed.

Kenny in the morning brought us homemade biscuits and gravy that his daughter made the day before. We put them on the hot coals that were left over from the fire we made last night. While they were warming up we got to talk to Kenny and his friend who stopped by, Dee. Kenny runs about 2 other locations and his sons help him with cooking the jerky. Dee served in the marines for a couple of years. They were both kind men that were more than willing to help us out and we sure do appreciated it. We got a good picture with when before we headed out. Kenny also called the news station to inform them about us. We walked today to the town of Pegram, the same town where we attended church that previous Sunday. For lunch we stopped at a pizza place called Snappy’s where we got to talk to Taylor, the only employee that was working there. She served us some delicious Calzones that were made fresh. We got to work on some of the blog as well and got to keep Taylor entertained for most of time because usually business is slow during the day and there is nothing much to do except think. After hanging there for a while we went to a community center down the road that was christian faith based called, Faith Based Community Center. We arrived when they were practicing worship for their evening service. They let us in and one of the pastors that oversaw the meeting let us set up camp inside the building. The center was more focused towards reaching out to youth students, but they have a service every Thursday for anybody who wants to attend. Pastor Randy allowed us to speak for the service instead of him. They had a short worship session before we spoke. We had the opportunity to talk about what the Lord was teaching us, and answer questions about what the Lord has called us to do. The pastor let us have refreshments and snacks for the night and let us sleep on any of the couches/futons in the community center. They were very loving and gave us all that we needed during our stay there….

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