July 2-3, 2016

….Trevor still was not feeling the greatest with his stomach the next day so we took another day to recover. The next day he was feeling a lot better and we were able to watch our home church service online which was amazing. A little later we called Earl, the taxi driver, and he took us back to the Hopi Tavel Center. We walked without our strollers which made it a lot easier and faster to get to town instead of pushing them through tough sand and sharp desert plants. We walked about 7 miles into Holbrook back to our room where we were keeping our strollers. Trevor still felt a little sick after walking but it wasn’t as bad as the other day. He is going to eat more softer foods for a little while so he can wean himself back on to more heavier foods. When we got back to the Inn we made sure our gear was good to go for tomorrow where the plan is to continue walking by the railroads to Winslow and possibly, if they lead, all the way to Flagstaff, Arizona. Trevor and I have really got our fire rekindled for this next part of the journey. God is so good and he always is reminding us of who we are in him. Without him this trip would be impossible and it is only through him we can do anything in our lives….

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  • Caroline Fry says:

    Hi Guys,I wanted to let you know we are continually lifting you up in our prayers,We pray that your bodies, soul and spirits will stay strong.  God is good andHe is faithful.  No weapon against you shall prosper.  He sees you and knows where you are at all times.  We love you,Vince and Caroline

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