July 18 - August 3, 2016

….It has been quite hard to find time write these past couple of weeks. We ended up being in Flagstaff longer than what we anticipated! Last week the monsoon season started to pick up a lot and we tried to leave many times but ended up getting rained out by crazy intense storms that would show up out of nowhere. We managed during that time to upgrade Jonathan’s stroller with a frame so that he will be able to carry some more food and water and to distribute his weight better for when we walk through the desert. We also got new tires for Trevor’s strollers at a place called  Bici-Mundo. Trevor’s tires were completely worn down and they helped us out tremendously. We can’t thank them enough! That was also another set back. We met an awesome guy named Shane or otherwise known as “Pyrus” who was also a follower of Jesus at a Chickfila. He was a super cool musician who was giving up a lot of things in his life to start working on and producing his own music. He felt like the Lord was telling him to pursue it more. We were really encouraged by his story of giving up a lot of things for Jesus. During all these set backs and figuring things out we stayed at a hostel that gave us a cheap rate for a couple days and met really awesome people there. One guy who we met named Jake rededicated his life to Jesus!  Jake felt like he needed to come to Arizona for a reason and he didn’t know why. God got to use us for that purpose, to reintroduce him back to Jesus! We got to give him the New Testament bible to read during his hikes in Arizona. Looking at the temperatures we were going to walk into going into the desert did not seem that safe. It was reaching to 120 degrees fahrenheit and even more. People we were also kept telling us to be very very careful and wise about how to go through the desert this time of year. Plus, around 5 people had heat related deaths over the past couple of weeks and they were apparently really avid professional hikers. So we thought it would be a good idea to wait out the summer and until it cools down. So we asked the hostel we stayed at if we could apply for a work exchange where we would work for them and stay for free. It only required two and half hours of working to stay so it would free us up to find a job while we were in Flagstaff for a few months to earn some extra money for the trip. We had to wait a couple days for a response so we stuck around until then. It turned out that it didn’t work out with the hostel. So with much prayer and looking around we decided to get bus tickets back home to wait out the summer. A lot of people helped us with places to stay in town while we figured out what to do. The cheapest tickets we could find were on Friday at 2:20 in the morning. So we booked a ride on Friday and left in the morning. We are a little taken back and unsure of what this next season will bring, but whatever the Lord’s will is on why we are going back home again, we will trust because there is always a purpose and time for everything and we want to be thankful and available to God. But we felt this was the wise thing to do….

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