July 18-19, 2014: Pegram Church of Christ

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….James started work around 2 pm so we got to catch up on sleep in the morning. We got to meet James’s older brother and both of them preformed a song that they wrote together. By the time they were done James had to go to work at Climb Nashville so we hopped on his band wagon and went to work.  From Nashville Climb we started walking and ran into a guy who was from Pakistan. We got talking to him about Jesus and how he was the son of God, not just a prophet. I believe he really heard what God was saying through us and got him questioning what he believed through Islam. He thanked us and we continued moving on. Since talking took us a while we fell behind schedule. We were hoping to get to the Church of Christ in Pegram for the Sunday service the next morning. Thankfully the pastor picked us up and brought us to the church to sleep. His name was Jason and he was tickled to have us. He let us take showers and made sure that we were set for the night. We slept in the youth room on some futons.

The next morning we woke up attended the youth group bible study and got to meet some of the youth before the service. We got to share a little bit about the journey as well. Church of Christ worship is a cappella, which means that they use no instruments, just voices. So we sang along and really enjoyed it. The people their were also very generous to us. After the service, Tim a member of the the church took us out to Subway to get a bite for lunch. Tim is one of those backpackers too, who want to hike the appalachian trail, so we had a lot in common. Tim drove us back to the church where we ate and waited for Jason to come and take us back to our location, before we came to the Church of Christ for the service. Jason dropped us off and we went into a KFC, where we took some time to refill our Camel Baks. It was pretty late when we finished packing so we decided to go to an inn and go to bed early to rise and get an early start walking….

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