July 17, 2014: Climb Nashville!

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…..In the morning we got dropped back off at McDonald’s and spent some time there reading our bibles. Jonathan had to go back to the Cumberland Transit backpacking store to get his Camel Bak returned because it was the wrong size. After eating breakfast we headed out towards the next town which was Pegram. In that town was a Church of Christ that was allowing us to camp out on their property. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to the church in time due to leaving late, so we had to postpone staying there. We ended up walking past a place for rock climbing called Nashville Climb. Someone from inside waved us in from the window to come on in. When we came inside most of the employees there were hardcore backpackers/rock climbers so they were super curious to what we were doing walking around with giant packs on our backs. We explained our story and they gave us a tour of the place. The main part of the building was full of rock climbing courses that you could climb up and push yourself to the limits. They let us use the bathrooms and go for a climb if we wanted to. Since it was getting late for walking much further we decided to take them up on climbing some rocks. An employee taught us how to belay each other when climbing which takes you and another person to help hold you up while you are rock climbing. It was pretty challenging stuff but, it was a lot of fun. That night we were planning on camping out but one of the employees, James, invited us to stay at his place. James had some awesome dreadlocks that he had been growing out for over ten years. Whats more is that his wife has dreads as well. They were so cool! James and his wife Mitzi drove us back to there house and showed us around and where we were sleeping. James and Mitzi were musicians and they showed us some of their songs which you can view none of their hits below. Trevor got to share some of his as well. It was like a small music festival. We eventually got to sleep after a few more songs…..


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