July 16, 2014: Getting some Gear

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….This morning we made our way down stairs to check out of the hostel. In the common area of the hostel we met a guy named Tim while we were having our daily devotional. He had heard about us and was really excited about what we were doing. He was so excited that he walked with us for a while and took some pictures of us since he was a photographer. We also got to eat lunch at a really good BBQ restaurant where they make their own brisket. Today we walked partially outside of Nashville to a backpacking store called Cumberland Transit. There we bought Camel Baks for some extra water when we get to the more desolated parts of the country and Trevor bought some new socks and new backpacking shoes. After spending a awesome day with Tim he headed back to the hostel. Continuing down the road we stopped at a Starbucks to unpack our new gear. Jonathan also made a quick stop to Walgreens to get a new toothbrush and toothpaste because he lost his previous dental set. We did not have a place to stay for the night yet so we went to McDonald’s. On the way there we passed a Chipotle where a young lady was cleaning the tables outside. She asked us what we were doing and if we needed a place to stay we could crash at her and her boyfriend’s house. We agreed to and told her we would be at the McDonald’s down the road when she was finished with work. At McDonald’s we met a really strong fellow christian believer, Jesse. Jesse is planning on starting up a band that would be able to spread the love and peace of Jesus to its listeners and wanted us to audition because he saw Trevor’s guitar. He was just joking though but serious at the same time. We told maybe when we come back through. The young lady (Sorry, I forgot her name) then came and picked us up and took us to her house where we met her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was a musician and he showed us some of his songs that he and his metal band wrote. After that we watched “The Wolverine” movie and then went to bed….


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