July 15, 2014: Life in a Hostel

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….We decided this morning to stick around Nashville one more day at the Nashville Hostel to catch up on our blog and see the city a little more. The hostel had a kitchen with some free food that we could use. They did not have any exquisite foods in the free food box, mostly dry food. There was other food in the refrigerator, but those had name labels reserved for other people who were staying at the hostel. So Trevor and I brainstormed a breakfast made up of oatmeal grain, sugar, water, peanut butter, toast and tortillas. We heated up the water in the microwave for the oatmeal and put a lot of sugar in the oatmeal bowl. With the addition of water and stirring the sugar and dried oatmeal together, we created an oatmeal masterpiece! You could also stir peanut butter in it for an extra burst of flavor. On the side we made toast and spread the peanut butter on the tortilla, adding crumbled toast onto it and folding it to make a peanut butter toast wrap! It wasn’t too bad! All kinds of people show up at this hostel from many different places. (You have to live about 60 miles away to stay at the hostel).  At breakfast we met a guy named Nigel who is from Dublin, Ireland who came to America because he got kicked out of his recording studio. He was in Nashville trying to sell some his songs he has written to a record label in the city. Later on, we met some people from Australia, Canada, Netherlands , including York Pennsylvania and most of them if not all, were musicians. That evening after getting a post or two done on the blog, we went out to the Red Bicycle Cafe to surprise our friend Dylan who works there. Two other people joined us, Kyle who was from Canada, and Doug from Britain. Kyle was a technical analyst for a scholastic marketing firm and Doug was a chemistry teacher who is currently teaching in Thailand. Dylan unfortunately was not working that evening at the cafe, but we got dinner anyways. On our way back we explored a little bit of the city and saw the state capital building. When we returned to the hostel we met a few other folks and met two other guys who were sharing a room with us, Scout and Brooks, who were helping their grandma move to California. We all then went down stairs to the common area where people could hang out on some sofas, play pole, piano, and many different kinds of instruments. It was a great time! A few hours later we headed to our rooms for bed….

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