July 15-17, 2016

….Today a guy named Tim who we met at the gas station in the previous town Luep, came by our campsite and dropped us some tamales for breakfast. We walked about 16 miles into the Flagstaff mountain range area and camped out beside the road. Tim came by to give us dinner when we got set up. Him and his wife were so kind to us. The next day we made it into good old Flagstaff. A family we stayed with in Winslow, the previous town, got a hold of a pastor  of a church called Mountain View, and he put us up at a Super 8 for a night. His name was Nathaniel. The next day we walked to the church for the service and had a great time with our brothers and sisters there. They were super encouraging and supportive in what we were doing. The message that Nathaniel preached was on point and very accurate to the word of God. He talked about when you are following Christ we should not be surprised if we suffer for his name. In fact Jesus says we will suffer for his glory and that we should count it as joy when we do, because he did when he died for us. Check out their sermons on their website at http://mvchurch.cc. From the church we walked into downtown and got to pray for a Navajo lady that was going through a lot of worry and concern for her kids. Cheryl wanted drive 3 hours all the way to meet up with us again to give us money for a hotel for a couple nights. We honestly don’t know how to even thank her anymore. She never ceases to continue to help us even when we tell her not to. She is just amazing!! So we traveled around town a little more and then went to a inn for the night….

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