July 13-14, 2014: Walking into Nashville, TN

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…..We ended up camping at a church in Hermitage TN called New Hope Baptist Church. We did not know what to expect if a church member pulled in and saw us camping out on the property without them knowing, so we started packing. While we were packing a lady pulled up to start opening up the church for the service. We explained to her what we were doing and she understood and invited us in for some coffee. The bathroom sinks were helpful in taking a small bird bath to clean up. People started arriving and we got to meet some. The church had a bible study before the service so we attended the young adults class. There were about two other people besides me and Trevor in the class. A very kind and sweet lady, Victoria, was in charge of the lesson whom taught high school biology. She encouraged us greatly during our time there. After the bible study we attended the service where the church put up a donation for us. It was a huge blessing for them to do that. After the service we continued down the road to a Dairy Queen where we ate dinner. There was a Super 8 right next to Dairy Queen so we decided to crash there.

The following day was the day we made our way into the city of Nashville Tennessee! It was a great walk and view coming into the city limits. When we came into town we meet a couple of people and ministered to them. One of them was a man who was  homeless and was trying to get rid of some alcohol addictions. We told him about Jesus and encouraged him to pursue him. He thanked us for  speaking to him and we prayed before we went further into downtown. In downtown Nashville we made our way to Mike’s Ice Cream Shop, where we worked on the website and ate some ice cream. Then, we continued walking through the streets of Nashville where there was a bar and someone singing around every corner. There was one band called “The Suburbanists” whom we got to listen and talk to. They were a punk folk band (one of the guys was playing a laundry washboard) that came to Nashville because their touring bus broke down in Chicago. They came to Nashville to raise some money to get their vehicle fixed. We walked around a little more and ended up beside the Conestoga River, the main river running through Nashville. A guy named Joe was sitting on one of the benches that over looked the river and we started talking to him about Jesus. Before you know it he was really wanting to find out more about Jesus and eventually accepted him in his heart! It was amazing to see, and his whole continence changed from being gloomy and depressed into joy. He was smiling and laughing a lot more as well. Joe was homeless and had just recently got out of jail and has been wandering the streets of Nashville for about a month. We continued to minister to him until he had to get back to his campsite. Throughout the evening we got to minister and talk to a few more homeless people. We weren’t quite sure where we were going to stay for the night. A night at a local hotel was super expensive, so we were figuring that we would just sleep on the benches beside the river. Not today though! We found out that there was a hostel right down the street from where we were sitting that was only 35 dollars per person a night! Praise God! It was called The Nashville Hostel and it was really nice for 35 dollars. It was also open 24 hours. After we got a room to stay in we took showers and went to bed around 3 am….

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