July 12-14, 2016

…After filling up our huge 10 liter water bladders at McDonald’s we headed out towards the reservation road. We made it about 9 miles and camped out. We were able to start to see the Flagstaff mountains out in the distance. The next day the road started turning into a dirt road. It was pretty hot out and a lot of the Navajo locals stopped and gave us water to drink. One time someone gave us oranges that were very very refreshing. We talked to a construction worker who was on a job site beside the dirt road. He had a lot of bitterness towards Christians and the church. So we got to show and share with him Christ’s actual heart. A lot of people have been hurt by the church and allow Christians who have failed to change their view on who Jesus is. Jesus remains the same always and never fails to love. Christians just need to be aware of his perfect love for them and show it and share it with everyone. We got a flat tire towards the evening just before we camped and quickly fixed it up. The next day the dirt road disappeared and we came upon a paved road for about 6 miles to a small town called Luep. Other than a boarding school and some other houses and buildings there was only a gas station. Across from the gas station though we’re street food vendors. One street vendor treated us to cold drinks and Popsicles. After the vendors we traveled over to the gas station to charge our dead phones and batteries underneath some shade. We took a two hour break to stay out of the heat and left a little later when it cooled down. We walked another 9 miles and called it a night…

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  • Ruth Christner says:

    Hi there! I am Mel’s sister. I finally looked up your site. He asks me if I’ve checked on your blog. God bless your journey. Ruth

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