Linger for Jesus

By July 21, 2016 October 17th, 2018 Jonathan, Trevor, and friends

July 11, 2016

….We ended up leaving pretty late because we got caught up in talking a lot in the morning. Dan took us back to the Mexican restaurant where Cheryl picked us up the other day. Cheryl the other day also gave us some stuff to fix Jonathan’s front axle that broke. The piece she gave us didn’t quite fit right so we ended up rigging up something temporary using good old gorilla tape until we got the right parts to fix it. We then went in the restaurant to eat a little and figure out what route we were going to take into Flagstaff because our options were low. We couldn’t take a service road beside the interstate because there was none and we were told to stay off train track roads. Plus eventually the tracks went over a canyon on a bridge that had no side road to get across. There was also a road that went up into a Navajo Indian reservation and we didn’t know if we would get in trouble going through there because they have their own laws and are not to keen to foreigners sometimes. But it was a nice paved road through most of it which is something we haven’t experienced in a long time and the family last night was telling us that it would be a good route to take. It was less of a direct route than the railroads but it was a more smoother path. With much thought we decided to take the reservation road. It was really really late once we got everything figured out, and we forgot to get some extra tires and other small supplies at Walmart. So we walked to a Motel 6 and got a room for the night. We also wanted to wake up super early to start the walking. Jonathan went to Walmart to get the supplies while Trevor stayed back to empty the GoPro memory card. While I, Jonathan, was leaving Walmart I ran into an elderly man who was panhandling to get money to fix his broken down truck. He had a sign that said something like “I can tell a joke for money.” I talked and prayed for him and give him cold water since it was so hot out. He wasn’t a Christian and very cynical towards it but I could tell he appreciated me asking to pray for him. It does not take a lot to show someone the value Jesus sees them as and his love. He knows we all need to be saved and transformed from our evil desires by his intimate love. Back at the motel Trevor was talking to the front desk lady who was struggling with her belief in Jesus. We really got to tell her who Jesus was and his grace and mercy for her. It simply is about a relationship with our creator God himself, through Jesus’s sacrifice. The Holy Spirit was really speaking and touching her deeply. We ended up going to bed later than what we thought but it so worth it to see one person free and transformed by Jesus….

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