July 11-12, 2014: Hot Summer Days

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….We arose at about 4 in the morning at the Executive Inn. Our breakfast consisted of a bunch of bread we got for take out from the Greek restaurant. After spending time in the bible for an hour, we started walking. During the walk today we talked to a man who was walking on the opposite side of the road named Daniel. Daniel was walking to Walmart down the street. He is part of a band  and writes his own music and is also a Christian. He walked with us down the corner to the next gas station and bought us a drink for the road. It was nice of him to do because the heat was intense. Continuing our walk from there, we took a short break from the heat in some tree shade beside the road. For extra cushion seating on the ground, we laid out Jonathan’s bed mat and sat on it. A lot of people today stopped on the side of the road to offer rides or a bottle of water. We declined the rides, but were always for drinking the bottles. About 2 miles further, we came across a Wendy’s and enjoyed ourselves some burgers and frosties. The manager let us set up camp on the property and gave us iced water to sip on. After setting up our tents beside the restaurant, we tried going to bed but it was just too hot outside and ended up sleeping in our own sweat puddles. So, we went inside Wendy’s until the sun began to set and when it was cool enough to sleep. It eventually got cooler so we went back in our tents to get some sleep.

The sun was just above the horizon when we woke up the next morning. We packed our packs and headed into Waffle House for breakfast. Then, we walked for a while until a lady pulled over and gave us bananas and water bottles for lunch. There was shade down the road by a construction site, so we decided to sit and eat what was given to us as a blessing. Further down the road we came upon a town called Mt. Juliet and stopped at a Greek Grill and restaurant to eat some gyros. We took a break from the heat until it got a little cooler outside for some more walking. After walking some more in the evening we ended up at a really nice gas station where we ate dinner and asked to camp out. Unfortunately, we could not camp out at the site, but they referred us to a church that was about a mile down the road, so we continued on. It was getting late and we ended up arriving when it was dark. Calling the pastor did not work, so we decided to take a chance and camp out sort of illegally on the property…..



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