July 10, 2016

….Went to McDonald’s to watch our home church servicem in the morning, Gap Community Church, by using their wifi. Since we are three hours behind them we woke up early. Later we walked to another service at a First Baptist church. They had a really good sermon with a very in depth pastor/teacher, who taught more deeply about the bible. After the service we asked to see if we could have a place to stay at the church for the night and then head out in the morning. One of the families we met, Dan and his wife, invited us to their house for the night. So Dan dropped us back off at motel to get our strollers ready and then got his work vehicle that was able to fit our stuff and took us back to his place. His wife shortly after brought lunch and we ate and talked for hours until dinner. They were a really fun family that had such a heart for God. They just recently got a year old foster baby and have had a couple other foster kids because there heart is to raise these kids in the proper loving family setting. There actual kids as well were awesome and fun to hang out with. We eventually ate some dinner and watched some funny videos on YouTube before heading to bed….

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