July 1-2, 2014: The Broken Phone

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We arose at the morning dawn when the sky just started to shed its blue tint. It was around 3 am and we left about 5 am to get to the next town. It was a fantastic morning, with a nice cool breeze keeping us at a good temperature, and it was nice that we weren’t sweating a lot. We ate lunch on the side of the road, where we sat on a guard rail, met a few people who pulled over on the side of the road to meet us, and walked until the sun was getting steamy. There was a library that we managed to walk to in Liberty, a little old Tennessee town, just off highway 70. The library was also part of an old run down high school that is now more of a senior center. We had a good 2 hours to work on the website during our visit. Eventually, a lady had to lock the building so we headed out towards a gas station about a mile right outside of town. Stop and Buy was the name of the gas station where we asked to set up camp, and they were more than willing to let us, and they happened to be some great fellow christian believers. We got some dinner at the station and got to talk to a few town folk that stopped in. Towards the evening we started to set up our tents beside the gas station and tried to get to bed as early as we could.

This morning we woke up around the same time as the day before, bright and early. The owner during the time we were packing up our tents showed up and opened the shop. We got to eat a solid breakfast for the day ahead. The next town we were walking into was Alexandria. We walked about 2 miles when a lady, Connie, whom had pulled over yesterday, asked us if we needed a place to stay. Apparently she heard about us through her sister Sonia whom is the wife of pastor Sam, the pastor of “The Edge” church that we attended on Sunday. It was perfect timing because Trevor was not feeling the healthiest around that time, so we agreed to stay for the night. It worked out pretty well because Connie drives her father in law to work early in the morning, we were guaranteed a good start the next morning. She drove us to where she lives in Alexandria and we got to take showers and wash our stinky clothes. Connie’s mother in law cooked us a meal, a Mexican meal; quesadillas, beans, rice, and some kind of flaming hot spicy sauce. It was awesome because we love Mexican food. Trevor during our stay realized that he didn’t have his iPhone. We searched far and wide and found out it was left on the shoulder on the highway where we were picked up, or so we assumed…. When we arrived to the location, we found his iPhone in the middle of the road demolished and utterly destroyed, including his head phones. It was crazy, but we knew that God would provide even though it seemed much worse realistically. So, after that phenomenon we went back to Connie’s house where we got to work on the website a bit and rest up. Later, Connie’s brother, Pastor Shane, came to visit. Pastor Shane pastors a Church of Christ about 15 minutes away in Greenville TN. After talking with them a while and getting yet another delicious spanish meal for dinner, Pastor Shane and his son invited us to a movie night at his church. The movie that was playing was called “Home Run.” It was about a professional baseball player who is drunkard and eventually fixes his life and turns to Jesus, that is just the gist of the movie and it was quite inspirational. Afterwards we returned to Connie’s house where we met her husband and daughter. We sang a few worship songs and Trevor showed one of his hit songs on the guitar, and after that we went to bed.

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