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Yet another great day full of God’s grace and mercy! We woke up at Guy’s house and took showers and ate breakfast with the family. Guy’s wife Mrs. Berry cooked us some oatmeal, eggs, and turkey bacon. After we talked and prayed for the family, we packed our stuff in Guy’s truck and left. He dropped us off at Subway where we were at the previous day before. Our walk was about 11 miles to Culpeper and it was beautiful trek. In Culpeper we stopped at a Chikfila to snack on something. God blessed us because the manager bought us whatever we wanted on the menu and gave us free drinks on our way out. We met a lot of cool people at Chikfila who were excited about the journey. Bo, another guy from Calvary Chapel Warrenton, invited us to stay at his apartment, so we went there. Bo and Guy provided us dinner and we went to bed because Bo leaves early to go to work. We got to talk to Bo for a little while and he has such a humble heart and is so sincere with his faith. Praise the Lord for his blessings!

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