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Yesterday, we had arisen at the first rays of the morning sun.Our host’s Matt and his wife made us some colorful chocolate chip pancakes, excellent eggs, and flipping fresh French toast. We had the honor talking to the pastor and getting to know his family. After breakfast we packed up and left pretty late this time. Guy took us to our previous location where we left off. Jeffery took a ton of pictures and posted them on our new Instagram! Check it out! When we got to the location we packed up The Chariot and kept walking toward Culpeper, Virginia. We walked a little ways further since we had a another late start and we wanted to work on some trip planning. Matt invited us over to his house again for dinner. They cooked us some mean bean burritos and had a really awesome fellowship time with everyone. We left early because we wanted to go to bed on time. On our way out we prayed with Matt and his family for taking us in. Guy took us to his house to sleep for the night. It was such an honor to sleep in a house full of God’s presence. God is so good!

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