January 8-11, 2017

…We finally made it to our next major destination, at least major in the desert, called Roy’s Gasoline. They let us camp in the back of their property away from the public. We bought some snacks there and enjoyed some dinner. We also charged our phones and batteries. The next day we took it easy since it was Jonathan’s birthday and they let us camp out for another night. During the day we went back to the gas station and charged more of our batteries since one of the battery bricks takes about several hours, but packs a good charge. There happened to be a random photo shoot going on at the gas station for some kind of motorcycle brand. They pretty much took up most of the property doing some shooting of people on some cool bikes. We got to talk to a lot of people who were a part of the project. While we were chilling in the gas station we met a guy who was from New Jersey who was camping out in the Mojave desert doing some photography. He let us use his computer to transfer some GoPro footage onto our hard drive. He was an awesome guy who was just traveling around enjoying some nature. We also got to talk to the gas station workers as well and minister and encourage some of them. One of the guys named Kevin, gave us some buffalo wings to take with us to our tents and the photography people also gave us some sandwiches to eat. It was much enjoyed. The next day we started our route to another gas station about 30 miles away. We walked about 9 miles and camped out. It was a pretty fascinating area. There was a crater that was a natural landmark in the less then nothing town we went through called Amboy. There was also a lot of volcanic black rock in the area. It was a sight to see. The following day some guys who were construction workers for the railroad stopped by and gave us water, just when we were running low. Another guy who was taking photos of the trains named, Matt gave us some hot food to cook on our camping stove for dinner later. He knew a lot about trains and gave us some historical facts about the railroad system back in the day of the west. All said in done we actually are really enjoying the desert.

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  • Hugh Magreehan says:

    Hi Guys, so happy to hear you remain safe and well. Just reading of your journey humbles me and reinforces my personal “walk” with Jesus our Savior and Lord. I still shiver with an immense feeling of astonishing luck that my misfortune on the road, and the walk to the gas station put us together in His name!!!


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