Yesterday, was full of blessings. In the morning we woke up and took showers. Then, we all read the bible together and packed afterwards. Gwen, the daughter of the people we stayed with made us some eggs and bacon. We talked with the family a little while and left shortly after. Chester, the father drove us to the location where we got picked up from the previous day. When he dropped us off, we prayed for him and his family. Yesterday was one of the coldest days in Virginia history. Temperatures were about 0-15 plus, the wind made it feel even cooler than that. But, thank the Lord that we had warm clothing and gear for the days journey. We all layered up a lot and once we started walking we heated up. For about 6 miles we walked towards Culpepper Virginia and got to meet some cool people during lunch break. We met a guy named Jay who just got back from living in the Himalayan mountains where they called him “Baba Jay,” and this other guy who drove an awesome motorcycle and goes to school in Washington DC.  A little ways further we stopped at an intersection and called Guy, who let us stay at his house for a while. We met him at the Calvary Chapel church on Sunday. Guy is a really awesome man of God and was in the marines for about 12 to 14 years. He gave us drinks and food and also invited the elders of his church to come meet us. His wife cooked us a great meal and stuffed us pretty good. We got to talk with the elders and the pastor of the church, Matt, about our trip and the vision behind it. Fellowship with this church was awesome and when we left we prayed over Guy’s household for taking us in. The pastor ended up taking us in for the night. He is such an honorable man and looking forward to his God anointed chocolate chip pancakes. Can’t wait to see what else the Lord is going to do!

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  • By the time you guys get to California you will be on the”World’s Best Fed Travelers List” Our heavenly Father is taking good care of you and we are so glad to hear that. “Hi” from your brothers and sisters at the Church of Reconciliation!

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