Yesterday, Trevor and I woke up and started the day reading the word. The previous night after dinner, Trevor played the family some of his songs on the guitar. Afterwards The Lord lead us to pray for Debe’s, the mother of the household, hands. She had carpal tunnel disease and Jesus healed her completely! They prayed for us and God gave us some encouraging words for them. Leaving off from yesterday, we read the bible for an hour while falling asleep here and there. After reading we had a super duper breakfast with the family. We packed up, said our farewells, and went to go meet with our new member of A Church Of Us, Jeffery Norton! Jeffery came with his little brother and mom who saw us off. We left pretty late so we got about a 5 mile journey in. The lady who took us in picked us up at our location and we got to spend the night with her family. Their family’s last name was Stoltzfus which is  also my last name. So maybe I am somehow distantly related to them in some way, who knows? They made us a delicious meal with awesome hot chocolate and homemade apple cider! We got to talk a long time with the family who were just a blessing to us and who are awesome! Then we rested after a good days journey.

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