Today we woke up and read our bibles for a good hour. Zoey’s family made us a hearty breakfast; pancakes, eggs, ham, home fries, and we sat around enjoying a nice fellowship with them. After breakfast we packed our stuff, and before we left we prayed with the family. Our route today was still in Warrenton, but more south. We had called ahead to a Calvary Chapel church in the Warrenton area, but got no response. When we got to the place no one was there, but there happened to be a motel right across from the church, so we stayed there. The motel manager gave us a nice room with heat and invited us into his office to talk. He was a muslim and so was his son so we got to exchange what we believed to each other and they were really interested in our beliefs. In return we got to learn a lot of what they believe as well. So it was great just being real and telling them who Jesus is. The manager gave us a free drink of pepsi and offered us coffee in the morning. After a long good talk we went back to the motel room, worked on some trip stuff, and went to bed. What a day!

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