January 31, 2014

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In the morning Jesse made us some omelet’s with cream cheese and they were delicious. He then took us to Liberty University for the campus convocation. The whole campus was there and the message was very good and solid. Also the dome stadium, where it took place, was huge! After convocation Jesse and his friend Josh took us to the new campus library and it was big and very high tech. He then took us up to Liberty’s ski lodge. There we went tubing and had quite the fun time. It made us really consider attending the university after the trip is over because of all their awesome programs and excellent education. He also took us out to Cici’s for lunch. Afterwards he had to leave and make some errands, so we walked back to the library, relaxed, and read our bibles. We then went to a Starbucks that was in the library building and got some drinks. There we met a guy named Andrew who is attending the university for a pastoral degree. He was excited about our journey and wanted to have us over, but Trevor’s dad Gary was coming to visit and picking us up soon. So we had to decline the offer, but were opened to it when we would arrive in Lynchburg that following Wednesday. He had to be somewhere so he left. We chilled at Starbucks for a while longer and later went to go have a group devotional time reading the bible. Gary and Trevor’s sister Grace came an hour later. Surprisingly my mom and Trevor’s mom also came, which we were not expecting. They then took us to Trevor’s aunt Sidney and uncle Bob’s house and they were such a blessing and very encouraging. It was a great time seeing my mom and Trevor’s family. God really did bless us by letting us see them again.

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