January 30 - February 3, 2016

…We were able to stay a few more nights in the city to work on some things and was able to go to April’s church, Faith Christian Family Church. Her and Scott, her husband, swung by to pick us up for the service. After church they took us back to April’s parents house for lunch and they cooked a lot a lot. The food is probably what kept us alive for like two more days. More important than the food was the fellowship. April’s brother, cousin, her kids, and their kids were all there. It was a lunch party! They made us feel right at home with everyone, and they asked us all sorts of questions. It is always nice to be able to spend a day with some people who are just so welcoming and hospitable…

…As we were heading out the following morning, there was a massive wind blow throughout the whole day, 60 mile per hour gusts. We tried walking but it was to no avail, we were getting nowhere. You could barely see because little specks of dust would penetrate your eye and make it irritated. It was nuts! You don’t really experience winds like this up north! We stayed another night and since we didn’t get to do our laundry until the following day during the afternoon we stayed yet another night and finally set sail to the next town, Melrose, New Mexico the next day and camped a few miles outside of Clovis…

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