January 30, 2014

By February 6, 2014 Uncategorized

We woke up today and left quickly because Freeman was coming to pick us up early to open his shop. So, we went to the motel lobby and waited for his arrival. He came and took us back to his ice cream shop. He also gave us money. We then prayed for him and said goodbye. Freeman is such a humble man of God and we are truly grateful for all that he blessed us with. We walked about 3 miles to a McDonald’s in Amherst to catch up on trip work. Jesse, the guy we met on the road the day before opened his home for the night and told us that he could pick us up after he was done working. So, when we got to McDonalds we worked on the website, pictures, and the kickstarter for about 5 hours. Jesse then came and took us to his house. His wife Kendra made us a stupendous dinner. They were so awesome and such an honorable couple. We got to talk for a long time and learn new things about God and what he has been showing us. Eventually we got to bed and slept like some babies.

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