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We had a great sleep last night at Jeffery’s Mom’s, whose name is Denise, house. We got up around 7 and started to pack. Denise woke up early to make us some coffee bread and eggs. After breakfast we did communion together as a family in Christ. Denise really gave us some insight about communion and how important it is to do it in our church fellowship. After breakfast we did our devotional bible reading and prayed for Denise and her family. After prayer we left and made our way towards a friends house in Warrenton VA. It was in the 20’s today so it was pretty cold. It was a little tougher to walk today since there was snow on the road’s shoulders but it was a great work out. For lunch we put a tarp on the snow on the side of the road and ate Dorritos , sharp cheese, Wheat thins, and coffee cake. During our trek today people blessed us with some food and money. We got to our friend Zoey’s house around 4:30. Her mom made us vegetable soup and grilled cheese. Later Zoey made us some hot chocolate and chocolate cake. They are pretty dang awesome people.

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