January 29-30, 2015: Reuniting with Family Friends

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….We slept on Trevor and Chris’s awesome couch and futon, which they offered last night. Trevor then brought us back to The Life House Coffee Shop to get picked up by Stacey since she and Dan lived only 10 minutes away. We got to hang out with Trevor a little while longer and meet some more people who gathered at the coffee shop. Stacey then picked us up and brought us back to her house where we got to spent most of the day working on the blog and talking with the family. Dan eventually came home from work and we ate dinner. Later we watched some kind of reality show of people who live in desolate places in Alaska and the show Shark Tank with Dan and his kids, Cole and Kyle…

…The next day, Stacey took us back to the coffee shop and we walked into the city limits of Dallas, TX. We crossed a bridge that took us a couple of miles to a suburb of Dallas called Rowlett. A few more miles away from the bridge we came across a Ractrack gas station that let us us camp behind their building. There was a huge field behind the station, so we went all the way in the back where some random small dogs started barking at us while we were setting up camp. Eventually they stopped barking and it was a good silence to get some sleep….

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