January 29, 2016

…Missed the continental breakfast due to our tiredness from the night before. It was a good sleep though. Thankfully God blessed America with McDonald’s all day breakfast menu. So we ended up going there in the afternoon. At McDonald’s we had a bible study on a chapter in the book of Acts. We decided to go to the service that April (a lady we met at a Thai restaurant yesterday) invited us to since the church was only a mile away. When we arrived it turned out it was not just a regular church service. Jesse Duplantis, a televangelist, was speaking there. Can’t say we have ever seen a televangelist live before until today. It was pretty cool. Afterwards we were able to meet up with April, her husband Scott, and their son. They took us out to eat, and we got to spend some good quality time with them. They dropped us off at motel later that gave us a really good discount for the night….

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  • Nikki Freeland says:

    Keep going in God’s name! Blessings, Nikki Freeland

  • Monica Justiniano says:

    AWESOME!! I’ve seen Jesse Duplantis live in Northern VA when Joshua was little. Carlos used to watch him on TV all the time 🙂 so he makes our youngest son after him! Reading your post encouraged me to be sensitive to God’s perfect timing. He will always lead us when we stop to listen to His voice.

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