January 29, 2014

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After taking some glorious showers and waking up this morning, we had some fellowship time with God. We then packed and talked for a little while about the trip. We started to head out of the motel room and had a group prayer time which gave us all a peace of mind for the day. Along the way we met a guy named Jesse who was interested in what we were doing and gave us some feet warmers and sunflower seeds to munch on. We got to pray for him and he said that he would try and find a place for us if we could not, and he left. We were planning to walk about 16 miles to Amherst, but along the way we were asked to have some coffee about 3 miles away from Amherst. Actually earlier, we went to a family restaurant and the people there paid for our food and now someone was offering us coffee! His name was Freeman and he invited us into his ice cream shop. He got us coffee and his wife blessed us with dinner. So, we got to talk with Freeman for a while and his friend, Joseph also came a little while later to hear our story. Joseph told us his powerful testimony and love for the Lord. It was an honor meeting him and we all prayed together. Later Freeman offered to take us to the inn in Amherst and he could pick us up in the morning. So, we got a ride to the motel. We then went to bed. God keeps providing!

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