January 28, 2015: Organic

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….Oscar’s son took us in the morning back to McDonald’s in Royse City and treated us to breakfast. We spent some time there reading, changing into our outdoor sweating attire, and then leaving to walk into Rockwall, TX just outside of Dallas. In Greenville, TX someone recommended a great coffee shop in Rockwall called “The Life House” and made that our destination for the day. People at the coffee shop were very informative on how everything was organic and fresh; they roasted their own coffee beans, made their own bread, all the ingredients for their food was from local farming, and the quality of it was excellent. A lot of people packed the coffee shop out. We got there in the afternoon and we stayed for the rest of the day until we met another fellow who was also named Trevor. After he heard our story, he invited us to stay for the night at his house. So, he took us to his house right down the road and we met his roommate Chris. Both Trevor and Chris were musicians, Trevor played drums and Chris played the guitar. Chris invited his friends Isaac and Josh to come over and meet us. Isaac was the youth pastor of a church in town called “Cornerstone Church” and Josh was a youth leader. They had a ton of questions that we answered and we got to mutually encourage each other in the Lord. A little later we all went to Steak and Shake and hung out there, having a good old time…

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