January 28, 2014

By February 3, 2014 Uncategorized

Last night was not too bad. It was a bit chilly, but we got some good sleep. We packed up pretty quick and left early. Today we walked 13 miles to Lovingston VA. The police showed up while we were walking to see what we were doing. Someone had called earlier about us camping out. We were on someone’s property and apparently for three days! The police thought it was awesome what we were doing and told us not to camp out around that area again, or they would arrest us. They left and we continued on. It was tough because we did not have a lot of water and we were super tired, so our bodies were not as strong. It went faster then we thought and God blessed us with a place to stay. There was a Motel called The Village in Lovingston and there was also a pizza place right across the street. So we went and got some pizza, that got paid for. It was really good. Then, we went back to the Inn, worked on some stuff and went to bed. The Lord gave us rest and a good place to sleep..

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